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Me iz PRO!

Post by ZakFlou on Sat May 16, 2009 3:58 am

- Nickname (in game, on InC forum)?zakalia
- Main character class/lvl?saltak3r 90 lvl
- Subclasses and their lvl? nerve breaker selphespwner all lvl 102
- Noblesse? me nouz no nobless
- Equipment? me haz to mats gear
- Alts? noz i haz one cha
- Previous clans you played in (on Lancer)?noz
- In what classes are you experienced? What is your favorite class? my fav clas is selphespwner cauze i pwnz him
- Since when do you play lineage 2?1 year 18 years old playing lineage AHHAHAHAHAHHAHAH!!!!
- When did you start playing on Lancer?never
- How old are you?6.5 like selphes
- Where are you from? GMT?me iz marchian
- How much do you play (daily/weekly)? 24/7 me likz l3
- Are you able to use Ventrillo (on mass pvp, sieges)?syz
- Will anyone in ClosestVillage vouch for you? syz selphes
- What attracted you to ClosestVillage? selphes penis
- Did you read the rules and do you accept them? syz
- Freestyle section (Write us a bit about yourself, the more the better) je am un very bonne pvper parceque i can gamao tous enemies avec tin power mon. ( its an npx language french english greek!)

3. Be patient ! We'll discuss your Application with the clan, so don't expect our answer in 1 day. gooz! me loves selphes me iz revenge!

4.When u get declined dont make new application! me z gonna mka new char and reapply!

That's it, Good Luck !

selphes mother fuker thats a revenge for my forum xD


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