Application rules - Read before you post!

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Application rules - Read before you post!

Post by Selphes on Wed Mar 11, 2009 11:09 am

1. Create a new topic and name it like the in-game name of your main char.

2. Fill out this form:

- Nickname (in game, on InC forum)?
- Main character class/lvl?
- Subclasses and their lvl?
- Noblesse?
- Equipment?
- Alts?
- Previous clans you played in (on Lancer)?
- In what classes are you experienced? What is your favorite class?
- Since when do you play lineage 2?
- When did you start playing on Lancer?
- How old are you?
- Where are you from? GMT?
- How much do you play (daily/weekly)?
- Are you able to use Ventrillo (on mass pvp, sieges)?
- Will anyone in ClosestVillage vouch for you?
- What attracted you to ClosestVillage?
- Did you read the rules and do you accept them?
- Freestyle section (Write us a bit about yourself, the more the better)

3. Be patient ! We'll discuss your Application with the clan, so don't expect our answer in 1 day.

4.When u get declined dont make new application!

That's it, Good Luck !


Clan is full at the moment, please be patient until we raise our clan level to six (6) so we can invite more members into it. If you truly wish to join ClosestVillage then just be patient and wait a while. Help is also welcome.

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